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    Eyes vs Level X

    ok i see everbody is about eyes but if u have a tuned level x y do ot want eyes?

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    part of the reason to have eyes on an electronic gun is so that it is faster to respond to no paint in the breach, because it won't need to wait for the bolt to reset since it won't start a firing cycle without paint. making it almost foolproof and not really paint dependent as far as shell strength, making a much more responsive gun in the end... the level ten i feel is more or less a mechanical fail safe for chop preventage than anything else, due to the fact that the bolt vents the air, which is good in case the eyes are malfuntioning or showing a ball in the breach when its only partly loaded or the eyes are dirty... one thing i've seen however is a lvl x gun still chopping with evil... probably could have used additional tuning but the guy got lazy with it...
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    How fast is fast enough ?

    Level 10 no eyes :
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    I NEVER get tired of seeing that video! LOL

    Notice how well it shot with the loader off? Can't do that with eyes. For the most part, both will do the job. If you are talking about eyes for a mag, then there are other factors to consider. A lvl7 bolt w/eyes is considerably heavier and will add noticeable kick to the gun. I know, Ive tried it.

    Also, you really want to have a foamy. I always tell people that anything they run with a lvl7 should use a lvl7 foamy bolt.

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    My favorite setup is a level 10 with eyes. Smooth and responsive.

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    I've shot EP mags with and without eyes. My Egomag build had eyes from the start and used to run an Xvalve. It now runs and RT Pro level 7 valve, which shoots just as fast and uses less air with zero chops. The Xvalve went into my Creedmag which doesn't have eyes. I've had a few chops but think the Lvl10 isn't tuned in properly.. something that was hidden by the eyes on the other EP mag.

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