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Thread: Pump Mag: X-Valve with Lvl-7 bolt?

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    Pump Mag: X-Valve with Lvl-7 bolt?

    I finally got out and played a little with my pump mag, and after a day of play I started thinking about the possibility of long term wear on the bolt. It would really suck if repeatedly slamming the lvl-x bolt caused the edge to deform..and I know that sear engagement can be temperamental.

    I haven't heard anyone mention this as a problem, but all the same if there's a way to make it a non issue I'd like to try.

    To that end I was wondering if it's possible to downgrade my x-valve to a lvl7 bolt when I play pump. There are plenty of cheap, spare lvl 7 bolts floating around. If it's possible what parts would I need? Just the bolt and some older power tube spacers?
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