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Thread: What is your main marker?

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    What is your main marker?

    I am thinking about building either an Egomag, an Emag or a pumpmag. It started me thinking, since I only play woodsball, what would I use as my main? So let me ask, what do people consider their main marker?

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    pump - s6.5
    electro - egomag
    mech - mag

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    For me it depends...if I'm on the field and there are a lot of walkons then Iuse my pumpmag...if there's a lot of 'speedballers' i use my mech...havents played woodsball for a couple years but always relied on one of my mechs...that's justme though

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    Primary is witch ever marker i decide to shoot that day lol.

    Usually take three guns to the field when i go. One of the Mags (Classic or RT ULE), DP E1, and a Tippmann SL-68II.

    When i get to feild if alot of renters are playing the Tippmann comes out, if its a bunch of the regulars i will most likely opt to shoot a Mag. If its the local feilds speed ball team practicing and joining the walk ons i usualy use the Mag as well but sometimes use the E1 (though with my new ninja tank and SHP reg i may see my E1 collecting alot of dust)
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    This gets the most field time

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    triple mag shop.
    Quote Originally Posted by sQuidvision View Post
    This gets the most field time

    oh man thats sexy.
    My sydarm weighs less than yours!!!

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