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Thread: how to ep mag

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    how to ep mag

    whats all involved in a ep mag?

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    A frame, solenoid, board, lpr, ram.
    There are plenty of builds that will show you how to do it if you search.

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    i thought the search wasnt working

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    Blah.. So it isnt..
    Well you need a frame. Ego frames are cheap, etek frames are cheaper and the board doesnt take up much room.
    Then you need a solenoid. A lot of guys use a micro noid from airsoldier.
    Then a ram. Mpa4 is what most people use.

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    Most EP conversions (including my own) use the clippard MPA3 not the MPA4. Many other frames can be converted to fit with a litle work, Angel, Dye ultralite and Vanguard Creed for example .. which needs custom rail made to suit. Especially if a micro board is used like the Scenario dreams kit supplies. Adding B/B eyes is also possible.

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    Correct MPA3 not 4..

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    In case you're interested, I have a complete Ego frame with internals and professionally milled to bolt up using stock AGD mounting points. I am also including the MPA3. I even have an LPR for sale. Only thing you would really need is the solenoid.
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