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Thread: I'm wanting to upgrade my classic and could use some tips an tricks.

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    I'm wanting to upgrade my classic and could use some tips an tricks.

    to start I'm not sure if it is a classic. The reason i say this is cause it has a forward grip that looks like an expansion chamber but isn't. also has a custom made drop forward and a hurricane valve. I want to put an x-valve on it but not sure if I can also a macro-line kit. I'm pretty much new to automag's so trying to soak up as much info as I can. any help would be appreciated.

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    yes you can throw an x-valve on it.
    throw a pic up if you can."You play stupid games, you get stupid prizes." RU

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    Xvalves will work on all Automags excepting the RT Classic. You can also use Macroline. There is some debate regarding using it with the higher pressure 850psi+ that Mags run at, but most people do it anyways. Pics would help. Keep in mind by the time you do all the upgrades you want you will probably have another Mag on your hands.

    Good luck.

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    dont forget microline, the good stuff, actually has a higher PSI pressure rating then braided steel hose.

    but like OPBN said alot of people use Macro instead of steal. you wont find many using microline anymore.
    macro is a good scare when it lets loose.

    if you have the cash you can get new macro on your guns every year.
    i do it every 12 months, and use the let over macro as spacer and stuff like that.

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    this is my mag

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