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Thread: a valve question for one relatively new to mags.

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    a valve question for one relatively new to mags.

    so here is my question i have a mag with an x-valve ult on my venomous designs body with a V.E.R. frame. Can I take the valve off of this marker put it into a new mag and not have to tune it or am I praying for a miracle.

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    hit or miss

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    Quote Originally Posted by BTAutoMag View Post
    hit or miss

    right, may need to adjust the level x, make sure u re chrono if u do

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    You should have zero problems with it. As long as everything's within specs on the other marker, it'll work as advertised.

    The lvl 10 isn't tuned to the marker, it's tuned to itself. Once you have the proper carrier setup, you can swap that lvl 10 to ANY marker/valve and it will work.

    And like RT Lover pointed out and what you should do anyways before you go on the field, always ck your FPS.
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    will work just fine. Just take off that field strip screw, press down and turn it to the left, sometime you may have to hold the trigger if it has a hard time coming out. Once done then bam! whole valve system comes out. Just align that pin on the bottom with that indent in the rail when inserting it back into that or any other marker to avoid damaging your equipment. Should be just fine for any AGD marker (unless if you have a classic RT).

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    thanks guys thats what i thought but wasnt sure if i would have to retune with new springs or what, thank you again.

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