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    Project Update

    I posted a few weeks back about stalled projects and realized that laziness and apathy were the only things holding my project back. I decided to change that.

    Here is where I was a few weeks back:

    Parts for sleeper mod:

    Here is where I am as of today:

    Closeup of internals:

    With the panels on:

    What's been done. Body has been cut down, stripped and polished. Custom rail was made by Luke. Rail has a RTP style flat bottom and utilizes an RTP style sear, but also uses an AM style sear pin. Rail is shorter than standard to eliminate the Z lock pin since I'm using a capped valve. TI'm using an RTP VASA for a shorter front grip/reg setup. Valve has been capped using a cap by Deus Machina on MCB. Using an older AKA sidewinder regulator now to regulate the pressure. Seems to be pretty accurate so far. At least as much as a stock valve is. Chimera frame has been gutted and modded for a sleeper pneu setup. The hole that was on the chimera was too big to be tapped for 1/8 NPT so I made the hole larger and milled down a threaded brass coupler to use an insert. Its the brass piece in the second pic. I JB welded the brass piece and made sure there were no air gaps on the sides. I am using a really thick rubber O-ring between the CP on/off and the bottom of the frame. No leaks when I aired it up. I also JB Welded a mount for the MSV to the inside of the frame as well as milling down the inside of the frame a little so that the fitting on the LPR could be securely tightened. Panels are from Mike780. I love these.

    For the Pneumatics a typical MSV-2 was used as well as a MPA ram. The ram I had didnt have a delrin insert or anything so I just screwed a bolt into it. Seems to work until I can find a small peice of delrin. I have another pneu setup with a magnet mod. I like it, but wanted a different feel so I used a spring out of a pen to make a spring return. I tapped the mount so that you can increase the pressure on the trigger if you want by screwing the nut in or out increasing the pressure on the spring. I glued a pin on the back inside of the MSV lever to keep the spring from sliding around. The CP on/off was modded when I got it. Looks like a home job, but hey it works!

    Got to air it up for the first time today and it aired up first time with no leaks! Seriously that never happens to me! One of the reasons I get behind on projects is because something usually goes pear shaped and I end up throwing things and not coming back to it for a month or two. Anyways, it still needs some tweaking, but I like the way it feels and overall pretty happy with it. Future plans are for more adjusting, more polishing and possibly more milling to the frame. Need to figure out if its cheaper to have the frame milled the way I want it or to have another rail milled. It also desperately needs CCM fittings. I am considering getting this hydrographic'd. There is one pattern that looks like rains drops. I think it would look kind of cool. Might just leave it as is and worry less about it getting knicked up. I think I could really learn to like this thing!!

    And not sure it matters, but it weighs in at 2.6 lbs with the barrel shown. Not bad considering my Xvalved ULEd Mag with a CF barrel weighs in at 2.3lbs.
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    lookin good"You play stupid games, you get stupid prizes." RU

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    That thing is sick.

    I would shoot that.
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    capped classic valves completely change the look of a mag in the most awesome of ways! I really like how that is coming together!

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    Compact and sexy..." LiL sexy "

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    are you going to make this finger print magnet polished?
    that would be sick if you took the time to do that.

    this turned out awsome man.
    keep em coming.

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