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Thread: Help with glueing faomie on L10

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    Help with glueing faomie on L10

    One of my mags has a level 10 bolt that keeps throwing the foamie. What is the best way to glue the new foamie on?
    I replaced it last weekend, and it came of again, mid game.

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    Step 1, make sure the foamie and the metal bolt surface are both clean. Very clean.

    Step 2, trim off the flared edges ("wings") of the foamie with an exacto knife to reduce the surface that might get caught by air, which causes the foamie to get shot out easier.

    Step 3, dampen the bottom of the foamie with water.

    Step 3, apply a very thin film of the white Gorilla Glue to the dampened side of the foamie. I use a toothpick to make a nice even, thin layer.

    Step 4, stick the glue side on the metal surface of the bolt.

    Step 5, stick a 3/4" disc neodymium magnet on top of the bolt to clamp the foamie in place. Let it sit 24 hours.

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    I bet the wings have been the main problem.
    Didn't think to shave them off.

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    The wings aren't the main problem but they do add to the force on the foamy. The biggest problem is using the wrong glue and not cleaning the surface properly.

    Clean the surface of all debris and oil residues. Use alcohol on a swab to do a final clean of the surface to remove any residual surface film left by the previous cleaners. Use a good epoxy glue. Crazy glue works fast and holds well but degrades the foamy so don't use it even though it is mentioned in many old AGD info pages. I've not used the White Gorilla Glue but its specs look like it should work well as mentioned by Justus.
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    Ah, no crazy glue.

    Well, I'll be buying some epoxy tomorrow.

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    Superglue works well but has a limited shelf life once the tube is opened

    Old Superglue that's been in your toolbox for ages is useless

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    ZAP superglue gel works awesome. The trick is to get all of the old residue off the bolt which can be tough. I use a wire cup brush dremel bit. You can work it into the face of the bolt and it gets all the old crud off of there quick and leaves a nice rough surface for the glue to stick to.

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    Epoxy is your best bet. We use this stuff called 3M Hi-Strength 90 and Super 77 glue. They'll bond metals together.

    Basically contact cement on Armstrong roids

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