Hey all

So Ive had my Mag forever, I like the way it shoots. Had a Hyperframe on it long ago till I fried it changing the battery. Since then Its been sitting with the Benchmark single trigger frame on it. Its starting to show wear in the chrome on the rear of the grip and was looking to buy an Intelliframe, but almost all of them that I find are dust black or gloss black... 90% of my Mag is chrome or poished aluminum.

So I have a few options that Ive been debating on:
1) Purchase a new single trigger frame off flea bay, 32 degrees, chrome with grip, minus trigger, $18 shipped. Then try to pneumag this frame? It looks as though this particular frame would need a ton of work

2) Purchase it anyways, try to pnuemag my Benchmark and have the 32 degrees frame if anything goes horribly wrong, from pictures online and looking at my own frame it seems the Benchmark would require less "trimming", milling etc. (most likely do this with a drill press and hand tools)

3) Buy an Intelliframe that seems "somewhat" hard to find, spend hours polishing the anno off to match my mag, then try to pneumag that frame, if I screw it up Im out a "rare" frame and hours of polishing...

It may seem like a clear cut answer to some. But I honestly dont care about walking a trigger, I have a DP G4 that I play with a single finger all day anyway. Id just like to have a crisp, short trigger pull

Also, just to humor me, Ive read a bunch of threads that recommend sending a frame off to get this done... how much is this service typically?

This is what I want to put it on, and have it look exactly how it is now when finished (just no reg outside the grip)