A fellow teammate told me that a friend of his gave him an old Mag that has been sitting in a gearbag for the past 10 years. He gassed it up and leaked severly. I told him to bring it over.

This is what he brought:

I gassed it up and air was gushing out of the ASA, braided lines and breach. So I opened it up. Nasty!

Thankfully I had spare o-rings and bolt springs. The metal trigger frame was a good sign that this was a very old model and I assumed it was a Level 5 or 6 bolt. This was confirmed when I removed the powertube tip, as I didn't find a brass spacer, but rather a spring. The o-rings had lost their elasticity and were brittle. I replaced all of them, gave the valve, bolt, rail and body a good scrub and reassembled the marker. Added macroline and gassed it up.

It now shoots like a champ!

Gotta love AGD durability. Even left dirty for a decade, this thing still rips!