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Thread: Anyone Seen Windows 8 ? Is This For Real Or A Bad Joke ?

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    Jeet yet ?

    Thumbs down Anyone Seen Windows 8 ? Is This For Real Or A Bad Joke ?

    What kind of nonsense is Microsoft trying to pawn off on us as an OS now ?

    Every time I log onto Hotmail there's this ad to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99.

    So finally after seeing it there all month I finally clicked on it.

    I haven't even messed with the OS but just looking at the pics of it made me want to stab my eyes out with a fork.|o00000006361

    Well maybe not quite that bad but you get my drift.

    I saw on the Google Play Store a netbook with Chrome as the OS/browser, or whatever.

    Anyone know if this is going to be available on laptops ?

    I mean a netbook is ok but not having a disc drive is not really the best setup IMHO.

    So I guess I'm done with Microsoft on the next laptop I buy.

    Any suggestions ?

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    I suspect windows 8 is going to join windows vista, ME and BOB in the deep dark pit of failed microsoft OS's. its not entirely windows 8's fault, many corporations skipe every other windows release just due to the effort it takes to test and deploy an OS.

    My personal opinion is microsoft needs new focus groups... who's great idea was it to do away with the start menu? now if you want to find your programs you have to magically know to put your mouse in the upper right hand corner long enough for a menu to fly out... completely switch to the stupid start page, then pin your program to the taskbar for some semblance of a reasonable workflow.

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    Its horrible
    This space for rent.

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    windows 8 was clearly designed as a tablet/phone OS instead of a PC OS.

    given the trends in computing, i think it makes sense. looks a little cartoony though ...
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    I logged into a friends computer with team viewer to try and fix something the other day and they had windows 8. After that experience I am glad that I am staying with windows 7.

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    I really love my Windows 7, about as much as I enjoyed XP. After seeing what's been said, I think I'm going to hang on to it as long as possible.

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