Hello. I have a Tac-One that I bought from AGD maybe 8 years ago. I paid for a single trigger carbon fiber grip that AGD installed and set up by them on the marker when I ordered it. I had the stock double trigger sent with the marker so I have both. The marker still works great. The valve is tuned and the single trigger has great bounce so it works good. Now I want to use my double trigger. I have installed the double trigger and played with the connector length but cannot get the double trigger to bounce at all so it shoots worse/slower then the single trigger. Need to know what I am doing wrong OR sources to send my marker to so I can get this fixed. I have done some work on my Tac-One but do not fully understand it. I have done lots of work on tippmann stuff years ago when I owned one. I did call the number listed for AGD and got a message to leave a message which kinda surprised me. Thanks for help/info and have a great day!