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Thread: my first mag build thread, worth a read??? maybe not

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    my first mag build thread, worth a read??? maybe not

    I hope this is the right place for this. If not please move it

    first off I figured since its my first mag being built ever I thought should document it, I am sure im messing it all up with wrong parts haha.

    A few years ago when my best friend passed away I build a autococker from scratch to help get my mind off things. I tried to build it from all NEW old parts .

    It turned out like this. Still not completely done but its been sitting for about a year now
    eblade with tadeo board,shocktech parts blah blah blah

    Long story short i've always loved mags, I've owned a few but didn't do much with them.
    I had gotten an idea to build a mag from as many NEW old parts as I could like the cocker, trying to have the same color combo as the cocker also

    I have ordered a few parts for this mag and most are on the way in shipping now. Today 1/24/2013 I found out somehow paypal used my old address for and 2 of the 4 things that I ordered the other night. I had to do so much running around to post office's and what not to try to get my package before they where delivered to the wrong house on accident. We happened to get one package back today and waiting for the other one to get into town to scoop that up. The ppl at USPS were not any help to me what so ever. Thank the LORD my beautiful Girlfriend helped me out and asked her dad for help, he seems to know everyone in the world and he knew a postman. He called him and he got us the number for the mailman with my package so we got to meet up with him and I got it right off his mail truck.

    I really thought these where going to be gone for good and the project was gonna be done with before I got to start it. I did not want to have to reorder these things.

    today the first item I ordered came and this is it!!

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