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Thread: New barrel problems

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    New barrel problems

    Just received an ANS phase II 10" barrel brand new. Put new o rings and detent in it, when I put it on the gun it is loose, not the typical little wiggle like my other barrels. Its got about a full mm around the entire barrel.

    I already tried tightening up the barrel set screw to the point I could barely get my other barrels on, so I backed it out to not damage it. Is there any other ways you guys have kept barrels snug in the body?

    I was thinking a wrap or two of electrical tape but I imagined that could turn into a sticky mess inside the body... any tricks?
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    The electrical tape is what lots use in the past. I actually got a barrel that had the tape on there, with a marker. The tape looked like it had been on there for a while. I took the tape off not knowing the case for it, sure enough barrel wiggled. There was no mess inside the body, nor was the tape getting chewed up because of the turning and very little residue on the barrel when I took it off.

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    OK sweet, I was just worried because I know how finicky electrical tape can be when it comes into contact with oils and cleaners. Ill give it a couple wraps and call it good! Thanks joker

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    The tape just takes up the slack. Its quick and easy and lasts. If it does get gummed up, take it off and do it again. Tape is inexpensive and plentiful. If you are worried about it getting gummy, use cloth tape.
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