Just doing some cleanup and trying to gather some disposable income. Feel free to offer if you think my price is unfair!

$2 in a padded envelope
$5 Small Priority Flat-rate

Angel Threaded Twist Lock Feed neck - $25
This will look great on your ULE body!

Freak Tip - $20
5.5" Total Length, a little over 4" past the freak back

Chrome Classic Body - $30
Factory pump milled. A couple little scuffs and a nick visible above the rail but mostly its in great shape. Feedneck was cut down a little i think.

Gloss Red VL Grip w/Screw - $15
Came off a parts mag, its in good shape.

14" AC J&J Ceramic - $25
Outside has some gearbag rub, second pic shows what i mean. inside bore is as smooth and tephlon-y as a J&J should be.

EP Mag Mod Kit - $100 semi-firm
I had this installed in an M90 frame but never finished the project. Worked perfectly when i took it out about a month ago. Includes everything you see pictured! Ram has been shortened and 90" modded to better fit in a PE frame if thats your plan. This is just BEGGING to be put into one of Luke's new frames

Etek board - $35
Works great although i have never had eyes hooked up to it (i have no reason to believe it wouldnt work though)

Let me know if you have any questions, please post then PM, my feedback is in my sig so you can buy with confidence!

Open to trades! Looking for:
Warp Left ULE
Classic Valve
Stock Geo (1) Trigger
Black, orange or Olive Invert Mini