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Thread: Mag and cocker misc for sale

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    Mag and cocker misc for sale

    Got an automag off CL a couple weeks ago, and as much as I'd like to keep it, I need a monitor calibration device so I can get my photogrphy business off the ground.

    The only acceptable trade would be for a colormunki display.

    Chrome Frame-$60 Obo + shipping
    Has some flaking near the safety, otherwise is in great shape. Comes with the dye stickies

    Pf body with plug-$15 Obo + shipping
    Soome light rust marks. Nothing serious

    Classic valve- $50 Obo + shipping
    Comes with ans phase 2 bolt

    Cocker 45 frame- $50 Obo + shipping
    Does not come with wood grips

    Full cocker freak kit- $90 Obo + shipping
    Awesome condition with case. Old school stainless back, teardrop front. No parting

    Omega rail with trash can Asa, sear, and foregrip with integrated macro fitting- $100 Obo + shippingsold
    Great condition, haven't seen one of these in a long while.

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    awe man hook would be all over that omega rail if it was still available? who bought it?

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    I know, I screamed like a schoolgirl when I saw the picture, then cried in a corner when I saw that it was sold.

    It wasn't meant to be. All that chrome goodness

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    PM'ed you about the freak kit.

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