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Thread: Viking for sale

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    Viking for sale

    I have an unmilled 03 Viking for sale. I was told it has a Tadao board in it. I know it has tons of modes but can't tell you what version of software it has...I'm not to keen on these things. I bought it several years ago and have used it a little. Gun works flawlessly and has a few scratches and such. I haven't used it in almost 3 years so I think it's time to go. Comes with on/off asa and barrel pictured.

    I'm asking $285 shipped to the lower 48. Anywhere else and buyer has to add for the difference.

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    Might want to post this on PBN if you haven't and post a link in the AKA B/S/T area it should go fast.

    Also posting on and quite a few AKA fans there.

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