I have to admit that i don't really know much about paintballing and paintball markers/guns (Hell I don't even know the diffeence between the two wrords) But I've done some machine work for a few gun/markers and never thought anything of it than commissioned pieces (my machining are more for machines and machine tools). I had an Indian Creek Design 98 Desert Fox given to me as payment from a client for a machining job I did but at the time I didn't see anything to paintballing, I thought it was fun, but didn't get into it. I just received another paintball gun, a brass eagle which i understand it to be a Walmart crap, though I ebayed the desert fox for $300 I figured I could tinker with the Brass eagle, learn a few things about the plumbing, pressures and bars, and what not...but then I ran into something last weeked that really caught my eye. My wife and I were at a flea market when I spotted a paintball gun, I thoguht the design was catching and picked up the piece, after looking it over I concluded that the major parts were made of stainless steel and the the barrel (I suspect to be an after market product) and lower were anodized aluminum, on closer inspection i found jerry rigged pieces (but still nice) and loose parts, I asked how much was the gun and the guy who owned it looked at hesitantly and than said, "$10! so i payed the $10 and took it home for further research. As it stands, it's a 68 Automag proline. I looked it up and found it's an AGD marker(gun) and found a very informative (albiet, classic) video by Tom Kaye, president of AGD! which was cool because most of the parts still matched the video! Well suffice it to say i found plenty of info and I'm going to fix this gun where it needs fixing, cataloging the details here on this site, in hopes of getting help, tips, tricks, ideas, and opinions. I'll load a pic soon. thanx to the internet and this site, maybe it'd be a sweet rebuild project.