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Thread: Low Pressure Mag

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    Low Pressure Mag

    So Im just feeling out the waters. I have a solid design for a low pressure (under 200 psi) automag valve. It would use the same on/off assembly and a similar bolt setup just optimized for high flow. The volume chamber would be larger (to make up for the drop in pressure). Finally, the regulator would be of a more traditional design so that it could be more compact and help make more room for the volume chamber.

    If it works, it has the potential to give the Automag the one thing it was missing, efficiency. It would also have a much lighter trigger pull, and with the ULE trigger kit, would probably have under a 10 oz pull.

    Should I pursue the design? Any other suggestions? Would you buy one over an X valve?

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    i voted.

    i would say if you can get it to work, and work right, and is done right. go for it.
    other wise no thats a terrible idea."You play stupid games, you get stupid prizes." RU

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    As long as it would work with a level 10 bolt.

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    No, it wouldn't use the lvl 10, that's the thing, it would be an entirely new valve, new reg, new bolt etc. The only parts retained would be the on/off assembly.
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    This sounds difficult. I hope to see it done but I am worried about whether it will have anti-chop and how its recharge rate will be. But if you succeed then this will be a great advancement in technology in AO.

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    sounds like another attempt at a smart mag...

    make it low pressure and preform like an X-valve and youll be golden. What have you got to loose besides time and money

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