Hi, I'm trying to get my mag working to get back into playing. It's been in the closet for almost 10 years and air'd up fine, but I'm having trouble getting the marker to fire at lower velocities for indoor play. To start off I disassembled the valved and oiled everything up well, following that I was having trouble with it firing quite hot for the first shot, ~30 fps above the following shots if the marker sat for any amount of time (10 seconds) so I replaced the regulator seat and that seems to have solved this problem.

I had the #1 carrier installed w/ two shims and the longest spring and the marker was firing around 300fps, so I switched to the #2 carrier which seemed to slide better on the bolt with out any leaking, and switched to the shortest spring. This seemed fine, but the bolt seems to be hitting paint fairly hard, and if I put my finger in the breach (not tongue!) it hits quite hard but still vents the air and resets. I can get the gun to fire around 240fps, but it jumps around from 230 to 265, I'm wondering if this is typical?

So I'm curious what I can do to make the bolt softer on paint, I'm wondering if I try cutting a spring to try and get it to keep firing around 250.

I'm also looking get more consistency in the speed if possible. The marker seems incredibly sensitive to turning the velocity adjuster, I can turn it a fair amount and the velocity doesn't change much, then it seems to get to a magic point where the velocity drops substantially in less than 1/8th of a turn.

Thanks for any help.