As you can see I have a small boatload of AKA parts to sell. I am tempted to build a couple new 04 vikings and get some body's off of Larry's shelf. If anyone wants one for 450$ plus shipping let me know!

All Prices are shipped. Buy more than one item and I will discount accordingly.

All parts are new or used to test markers that we could not salvage the body and thus only very slightly used.

noids 65$
Valve 45$
Eyes 5$

New Tadoa board for Viking or Excal 110$
Used Tadoa board for Viking or Excal 75$

JDS LPR Unused 100$
SST 70$
2 liter gloss black regs 90$

Clamping Feednecks 30$ (a+ ano version)
AKA feedneck 15$ SOLD
Oxide black coated stainless steel set screws 10$ new

JMJ frame with snatch grip SOLD
Stock Viking frame DC diet milled and reanod gloss black 50$

Silver parts (not yet for sale but tell me you have cash and I will likely change my mind) Thinking 175$ short volumizer to match scm length eye covers scm SST with accents and feedneck ring that will fit clamping feedneck.
Bottleneck 25$ .684 .686 .688

Also have 3 pandora boards get one free for any purchase!
Eye covers milled for quads 20$ nice ones. Have a few messed up ones free with purchase.