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Thread: Mini E-Tac 99% complete!

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    Mini E-Tac 99% complete!

    Finally got my Mini E-Tac back from assembly and tuning by Tuna:


    Tac 1 body- milled to Mini Tac. Wings below Picatinny rails milled to width of rail. Milled for dual detents.
    Emag rail - ULE milled (front milled from bottom) , wings milled off, mounting holes in side milled out, back milled underneath.
    ULE E-Lowers with trigger guard custom milled. Battery pack is custom milled on sides and ULE milled on bottom. Lukes EMag panels and selector switch. (Selector switch was supposed to get anoed, but was lost by anodizer)
    Lukes E-trigger.
    AKA-? feedneck.
    XMod 1.8
    PTP Barrel - Freak bored.
    CCM Macro fittings.
    CP Mini Direct Mount
    Anodizing by AnoTech.

    Reason it's only 99% done is I have yet to install the jewels which look like will need to be remade.
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