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Thread: Can you use an Emag rail in place of an RT rail?

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    Can you use an Emag rail in place of an RT rail?

    With a bushing or other slight modification can you interchange these rails?
    I should know this but I never played with RT's and I'm not certain.

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    They're one in the same unless you're talking about a classi RT rail

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    Yes, I'm referring to a classic RT, not RT Pro or Retro Valve. I know those are interchangeable.

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    Remember, the RT gets its air from the bottom of the valve through the banjo bolt. The air is fed to this bolt through air passages drilled in the rail. The valve itself could be made to fit using a machined spacer at the back of the valve. While the valve could be made to fit, it would be quite an extensive modification to deliver air to it.

    But, yes it could be done.
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    I wasn't looking to modify, unless it was a simple change out or add-on. It looks pretty clear it's not meant to be interchangeable.
    Thanks for your input.

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