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Thread: ULE BODIES RPG PARTS Huge Parts Kit Classic MAGS Triton Frame and more FS!

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    ULE BODIES RPG PARTS Huge Parts Kit Classic MAGS Triton Frame and more FS!

    Not looking to get rich just want to get it all out of the house! Prices do not include shipping. Paypal preferred. I’ll eat the fees you pay the shipping cost!

    SOLD Not so mysterious parts box 120$ SOLD

    Classic valves bodies chewed up rail new spacer kits . . . Great stuff I just don’t want to deal with it individually. The valves alone are worth my asking price.

    Classic Mags 150$ for two! Someone gets the top two someone gets the bottom two. The one with no foregrip I swapped the barrel out to best twist lock barrel ever it is a gloss black dye barrel. These need to be cleaned up and probably serviced but last time I used them I think they worked fine.

    SOLD DON"T ASK! RPG triton frame 110$ you can see the only damage I could find in the pic. Small nick in the heal of the frame. SOLD DON"T ASK!

    SOLD DON"T ASK! trigger (currently mounted in triton frame) 30$ SOLD DON"T ASK!

    AGD bike grip make offer. SOLD

    ACI Horizontal ASA 30$

    Classic rail with milling marks noticeable milling and horizontal asa (missing twist lock pin and bushing) 45$

    Custom cut and professionally anodized bodies. These do not have a perfect ano but they look sick and have seen very little use.
    SOLD DON'T ASK! Pointy ULE body with NDZ feedneck 95$ Minor wear on pointy ends SOLD DON'T ASK!

    Round pointed ULE body with Redz feedneck 95$

    two hole grips
    wood brown 20$ Sold
    others 4$ each DYE SOLD
    SOLD Killa detents 5$ SOLD

    RT on offs with spare pins (no I don’t know the exact length but think too long for classic valves) 20$ each
    Palmers stab- perfect for the pneu mag project I never got to. I have this and a complete pneu mag parts kit. If interested please ask and I will try to dig it up. 45$?

    Huge parts kit. Lots of great stuff in there. Orings are older but may still be useful. The baggies have a couple complete safety assemblies and some other misc. parts You get what you see including the box! 50$ SOLD

    SOLD DON'T ASK! Luke modded vert feed mini mag body with feedneck and classic rail 45$ SOLD
    Classic Teflon coated body (scratched up) with classic rail 25$

    Large patches 45$ each Price Drop 30$
    Medium 20$ Price Drop 20$ for BOTH SOLD
    Small 5$ SOLD

    Stickers free with purchase just ask for one.

    SOLD Level 10 parts make offer- there are two white Teflon bushing oring things shims springs a tip . . .SOLD
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