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Thread: NIB dust black Axe + ups, Best deal you will find!

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    NIB dust black Axe + ups, Best deal you will find!

    Alright guys, here is the story. I bought this Axe shortly after Christmas and began to upgrade it. It has only been aired up once after installing the Boss bolt to make sure it didnt leak and that it cycled. (worked perfectly) No paint has been through it. I live in Minnesota on the Canadian border. With temps as low as -40 I can assure you it has not seen any use.

    I am selling this because I am looking at picking up a new video camera and rather than depleting my bank account further I would rather sell this being as I can only use one marker at a time anyway.

    What is include: (Everything is Brand New!)

    Dust Black Axe $459
    Boss Bolt w/spring kit $30 (installed)
    Stock bolt
    Stock Barrel
    Box (with everything it came with)
    Dust Black .685 CP barrel $36 (still waiting for it to get here)
    Dust black Sanchez feedneck $35
    Stock feedneck (scuffed during removal)
    Halo Too (cut for Sanchez feedneck, so clean you cant tell it was cut) $60
    Black/Grey Eclipse gun bag $25

    With everything listed it would cost you $645 to buy it from a store. Buy it from me for.....


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