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Thread: What is the best way to color stainless steel?

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    What is the best way to color stainless steel?

    Hi, I have a couple stainless steel bodies that I would like to color black. What is the best way to turn it from silver to black? thanks in advance.

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    Powder coat or cerakote. oh duracoat too, several guys here have done it themselves and say it is easy, very good stuff.

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    3m vinyl wrap, not permanent, 100's of colors and patterns.

    I did my body in cf 3m. I cut it about an inch long, flipped the feed neck down on the back and traced the feed tune, razor blade the hole out and test fit it around the body. Trim as needed to cover the circumference of the body and then apply it. Use a sharp razor blade on the body ends at 45* angle to bevel the vinyl back and not overhang the ends( it will peel dont do that step. Takes 10 minutes and less than that to peel it off and try a new color next year.

    And it's super cheap for more than you can use on 20 guns.

    My $.02

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    Or use real carbon fibre.
    I did on one of my mags.
    I had used the 3m stuff before. Then replaced it with real CF.

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    Yeah real cf would be sweet!

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    Doing real CF isn't even that hard.
    I did it this week on a ULE body and some grips.
    It takes longer, because you have to let the resin dry between coats.
    But I didn't find it harder to do than the 3M.
    You can buy a kit for $40 that will give you way more than you need.somyou can do more arts when you want. You'll have to buy same sandpaper andy listing crime on top of the kit as well. But I ie it way better than the 3M stuff.

    Here's the mag I did:

    Untitled by markwhensley, on Flickr

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