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Thread: Dallara & MMM Build Thread

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    Dallara & MMM Build Thread

    Here are two mags that I have been working for a while. I started the Dallara in 2005 and the MMM started to develop out of parts that I figured the Dallara didnt need.
    I will periodically edit the first couple posts as they come together, so make sure to come back and look again.Sorry if you have a slow connection I plan on adding a lot of photos! More details to follow.....

    Dallara-30 (Body #30)

    Mini M90 Mag (MMM)

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    Minimag parts after anno, going for a deep purple

     photo d4d9f8b4-ef6d-4ceb-ab8d-e0b6cbe09b3c_zps30ea5335.jpg

    Gloss black AM/MM rail!!! This is going to look good
     photo 76b5f3fb-05b5-4933-9b99-77a25e1b67bd_zps8843f474.jpg

     photo DSCN1674_zpsdfd17d7f.jpg
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    I will have lots to post on the Dallara as it gets built.
    The Logic Vert Frame will be a custom electro build using a mini morlock. The triton frame is going to be mechanical backup.

     photo DSCN1676_zps17a88142.jpg

     photo DSCN1681_zpsf6680cf5.jpg

    First I have to give credit to Joni, his build years ago provided the inspiration to build this frame.
    (Note to mods: if in the new AO version there is any chance to restore some of the photos in these kinds of threads that would be amazing)

    Here are some of the internals: The silver bracket was my first solenoid bracket I built using a drill press in college. It worked to verify functionality; I actually played a full day and the gun functioned flawlessly. It was only mounted to the frame with one bolt and kind of wedged itself in place. After that day of play it worked it self loose and no longer functioned. The blue bracket is my second take and was built to my specs.

    Board: mini-morlock with pred 5.0 code.

    During my first trial I used a slide switch to power the board on and off and had it sticking out the bottom of the grips.
    I was originally going to mill a spot on the back of the frame for the switch but when I saw membrane pad I thought that looked much cleaner so I picked one up. For several years the final step was getting the back of the frame milled so the membrane pad would sit flush. Finally last year I had it milled and began to put it back together for testing.
    (Can anyone guess what my bone headed move was?)

    If anyone can help identify the connection on the solenoid and knows the correct male connector to plug into it, I would greatly appreciate some help so the final wiring will be more polished. I think this is solved, parts in the mail

     photo DSCN1693_zps5d49f6c3.jpg

     photo solenoidbracket_zps334e7d8e.jpg

     photo DSCN1688_zpsd8780f3a.jpg

    Started assembling the frame tonight (3/19):
    Trigger and Safety are in.
    Micro switch and solenoid are is in, the solenoid may need to be adjusted a bit.
    Hooked up the circuit minus the on/off switch. So far so good!
    Now I need to remember how I solved the on/off switch issue.

     photo DSCN1699_zps496c4deb.jpg

     photo DSCN1707_zpsdcc12202.jpg
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    I love build threads like this!! Can't wait to see the after pictures.

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    Well I just got word my parts are finished and are in the mail! More photos will be coming shortly.

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