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Thread: Dallara & MMM Build Thread

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    Working on tidying up the wiring harness and making sure all connections are secure. First time really doing any serious soldering, hopefully it goes well. Maybe by tomorrow I can actually put some paint through this beast.

     photo IMG_0727_zps04e44893.jpg

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    that picture reminds me how badly i want a project to work on. Thanks for posting up these updates, its really fun to watch such a beautiful build come along!

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    Thanks! Ya tinkering is a lot of fun. I ran into a little snag last night, solenoid isn't tripping. I think its a week battery so hopefully today will bring some more progress.

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    I have a really bad feeling that this solenoid is dead. I test fired the whole thing before I disassembled it and sent it out for anno but now I can't get it to trip in the simplest of circuits right now.

    Anyone have a hyperframe noid that want to donate I would be forever greatful

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    Doesn't p8ntbal4me sell them?

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    I think scenario dreams sells them as well

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    Thanks for the leads, I sent both a message.

    In other news I took out the MiniM90 out and shot it! Very smooth, much props to BigEvil for tuning it in!

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