Updated me G-Force Mag again...didnt get the Internal LPR set up done yet so mad an alternative mod inspired by good 'ol Hill! using the LPR as the fore grip. took a 10 rd tube and cap, cut it to fit inside a the rubber AGD bike grip, cut a small piece of warp feed hose to keep the bottom of the grip sturdy, the 10 rd tube fits very snug inside the warp feed hose, cut a slot from the 10 rd tube to make room for the 90* barb fitting on the LPR, trimmed the inner top part of the bike grip so the hose wont kink, used a asa reducer for tha LPR, ran the LPR hose thru the G-Force frame, hooked up the Air Line prolly 5 different ways ...haha and called it a day!!!


first try w/2 separate air lines:

Second try with a messed up plumbing job...i wasnt drunk enough to to get it right this time...but tha pics show the LPR:

and finally a lot o beers later a nice clean set up...but that Brass fitting is killing me man...so ill try to find a black street T and a black straight and 90* Macro fitting to finish this up nicely:

oh hells yeah...aint modding fun...haha...hiccup?