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Thread: Deadlywind carbon fiber foregrip

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    Deadlywind carbon fiber foregrip

    Hey guys can anyone tell me if the deadlywind fore grip will fit my micromag?
    It's an orignal from the early 1990's with a gun FX body.
    Please say yes!!!!

    Thank you
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    Wait a minute.. is a minimag or micromag? There is a difference.

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    It's a micromag

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    Quote Originally Posted by 353guy View Post
    It's a micromag
    Than no it won't. If you don't have a vert ASA adapter already, there are very few options out there. The only one I know of for foregrips is possibly Lukes Customs. He makes an aluminim gas through grip that is very nice and will fit MicroMags.

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    Thank for the help guys!

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