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Thread: Automag FS, Logic, X valve, ULE, etc

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    Automag FS, Logic, X valve, ULE, etc

    Hey guys, today I'm selling my beloved automag. I put this thing together from the ground up, it's one of my favorite markers, but I haven't played in years.

    AGD X valve
    ULE body
    Clamping feedneck- Don't remember which brand, but I remember buying it and it's one of the good ones.
    Logic UMF- Best mag frame ever.
    AL vertical foregrip
    Dye sticky grips

    Carbon fiber barrel of the type that takes freak inserts. Don't remember which brand, but I will tell you it was expensive and it shoots incredibly. This can be included for additional $.
    The maxflo can be included as well for the right price. I used this reg because it's easy to crank it up and get blistering rates of fire.

    PM me with any questions. Not parting out, sorry. Looking for $450. Thanks.
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