Universal, Automag, and Autococker Screw Kits
Any of the 3 kits (stainless screws, black screws, or mag/cocker kit) is $20 shipped to the US (I will ship overseas, PM me for a quote).
For a limited time you will also receive 2 of each common size o-ring in buna 90a 001 thru 020 for free! That's 40 o-rings.

Universal screw kit available in stainless or black. These are high quality YFS screws. Great for cockers and mags, but will also be useful for many other markers. Includes: ASA screws, ASA plugs, beavertail screws, trigger frame screws, and grip screws. A total of 64 screws!

Cocker and Mag specific kit. Includes: cocker jam nuts, cocker valve guide screws, cocker vertical adapter screws, cocker sear pins, mag sear pins, and mag vertical adapter screws. A total of 24 pieces!