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    Micromag and Invert Mini FS

    Culling the herd a little. Had both of these for nearly 2 years and never used them other than to test for leaks and/or chrono off my back deck.

    Chrome/Nickel MicroMag. Gen 3? Has milled detent.
    Intelliframe with Hogue wraparounds.
    Lukes gas through Foregrip
    Classic valve W/LVL 10!
    Comes with on/off shown, macroline and fittings.

    There is some flaking of the chrome on both the body and frame. No leaks, well tuned. I'll even throw in a feed elbow. $210 shipped paypaled and insured.

    Invert Mini. I checked once and IIRC, it has the Gen3 parts? Some scratches here and there, has black battery door for some reason and there is a small crack on the feedneck. Will come with new guage. Shoots ropes bought it for use when a field I frequented was only filling to 3k, but then they got their compressor fixed. $ 165 shipped, paypaled and insured.

    Not really looking for trades unless it's a red VER frame.
    Not interested in parting the Micro unless enough is sold to cover my asking price.


    1. All prices include shipping, but not insurance, so insurance must be calculated on each shipment. Minimum is $1.80 for insurance and IIRC, $150 insurance is approx $2.50. If you waive insurance, I will have to insist on payment by Paypal Gift.

    2. I do not accept returns. All parts are described to the best of my ability and sold "AS IS".

    3. I will ship to Canada, but it will be additional and require payment in the form of a Gift. If you want it insured it will be extra.

    4. I reserve the right to sell or not sell my parts to whomever I choose.

    5. If you commit to buying something, I expect payment ASAP. I will not wait days for payment.

    6. Payment is by Paypal. I may accept a money order, but it will have to be discussed.
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