My First post!

Ok, on the offchance that I am graced with a company bonus cheque this year, I`d love to upgrade my tac-one with a lpr inside pneu-frame.

May or may not happen, but I`m still in the dream phase so I`m going with it, and would love some suggestions for what to look for that I might actually find*.

I`m not even remotely interested in modifying the stock frame. I need the marker to work while I putter with this, and my frame project has to fit around life`s time committments. Yes it`s winter but my tac one seems to process paint just fine at -12 C (maybe not so much at -25 C) and I need to be able to play while this project grinds slowly on, and lets face it, I`ll probably still be working on this in June.

I`m looking for a non vert frame that is still relatively available for a sleaper Pneumag conversion. Aesthetically, I love (really love) the look of the Airwalk frame, particularly with a blade trigger, but finding an anodized black one at a decent price (and price is of concern) would not appear to be likely.

I have very limited access to machine tools. A drill press is possibly on the cards. A dremel I have. Any type of mill is out of the question.

I may be able to borrow a tap set for imperial fasteners, but NPT thread taps are either complicated or expensive since I don`t currently have access to such creatures.

I have a decent (though 15 years stale) understanding of pneumatic design and air logic design etc. That doesn`t translate directly to hands on assembly, but I do love playing with parts, even if I`m not especially good at it. I just don`t have all the skills and tools needed to produce some of them.

Airwalk would appear to be my first choice if I can find a reasonably priced black one. I`ve only been looking a week so patience might be needed here...
The emancipator frame from tuna looks like it might work, and I could actually get one but it`s a 90 degree, and I`d really prefer to avoid those.
I`ve seen some reference to benchmark frames being workable, though I`m not certain what would be needed to make these fit the tac one rail. It`s nothing like as pretty as the airwalk but it`s hard to argue with a 30-40 dollar purchase price. I could literally scrap one learning.

Given these limitations and preferences, any suggestions on frames to look for would be appreciated.