Hi all. Former member that's been out of the sport for 11 years. Friend is dragging me back in to organized private field play. I'm gonna use my old trusty original automagRT. With a 4500 flatline tank that I just bought off a member. With an old VL revolution. Gun and hopper worked fine back then. So I will be fine with it now.

2 questions.

1. Where is the best place to order paint? And what brand/style paint works best now a days with these old guns.

2. My old JT spectra mask will get a new lense before I will trust it. Lense is 15 years old at least. I found lenses for 20 bux. But how long has it been sense the lenses were even produced. I don't want to trust my eyes to a 10 year old "new" lense. Or maybe I need to suck it up and get a newer mask.

Thanks for any and all help.