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Thread: Automag, DM4, ICD, and Intimidator parts

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    Automag, DM4, ICD, and Intimidator parts

    Up for sale are miscellaneous parts that were kicking around my parts box. All prices are OBO, thank you for looking.

    Automag Parts

    AM body $25
    Cut down minimag pump body $25
    SoldBlack emag body $35Sold

    SoldPeeling chrome TASO pump rail w/o bushing $25Sold
    AM rail $25
    SoldEmag rail $35Sold

    SoldAM frame rubber grips $20Sold
    AM frame plastic grips $15
    Angel single trigger frame $25
    SoldMicromag raw battery pack $65Sold
    SoldLuke's lpr manifold $20Sold
    AM valve w/hurricane reg body $45
    AM 1 star valve $50

    SOLDRT sear $25SOLD
    SOLDRT sear axle $10SOLD
    AM sear & axle $15
    AM sear & axle $15

    Tickler lpr $20
    SOLDS070C-SDG-32 $40SOLD
    MPA-3 $8
    Stock halo board $10
    smart parts asa $15
    Etek 1 board $10
    Eclipse grips $10

    DM4 Partout

    dm4 body w/ eyes $35
    dm4 frame $25
    dm4 bolt kit $25
    dm4 bolt cap $10
    dm4 lpr $25
    dm4 lpr cap $10
    dm4 constant flow plug $20
    dm4 on/off $10
    dye sticky grips $10
    dm4, dm5, dmc solenoid $35
    dye hyper2 reg $30
    dm4 vaa $25

    ICD parts

    ICD 16in boom stick $25
    ICD bko stock barrel $10
    bko frame w/ trigger $15
    SOLDpromaster ram assembly $15SOLD
    SOLDpromaster vaa $15SOLD
    SOLDbko solenoid $20SOLD

    Intimidator Parts

    2k2 frame $25
    SOLDAlias frame $35SOLD

    2k2 poppet & spring $15
    2k2 ram sleeves $15 each
    2k2 ram $10
    necro ram $35
    Function ram cap $15
    2k2 ram cap $10
    palmer lpr $25
    Homemade marq pressure gauge $10
    Marq 7 eye covers $10

    mirror grips $10
    SOLDaftermath led grips $10SOLD
    black plastic grips $5
    SOLDmarq back cap $10SOLD
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