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Thread: ULE, RPG, DW, X-Valve Mag

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    ULE, RPG, DW, X-Valve Mag

    Gonna try to sell my Black and Blue ULE Mag again...Not looking to part or for any trades at the moment!

    asking $old for it...only posting the individual part prices to show the savings buying the complete mag! NOT PARTING Right Now tho....

    Tuned X-valve w/rt on/off and lvl 10- $
    RPG Shadow rail w/RT sear and Sear pin- $
    Blue ULE body- $
    Gloss black intelli frame w/Blue blade trigger- $
    CCM no-pro feed neck- $
    CCM Blue air fittings- $
    Blue DW 15* Carbon Fibur fore grip- $
    Gloss black NDZ Drop Kick- $
    CP on/off ASA- $
    Blue Hybrid Contract Killer Stripper grips- $
    Empire Twister barrel .689 12"- $

    so your just paying for the valve, body, rail, and frame and getting around $old in nice upgrades!

    she shoot Amazing and is great shape with very lil wear!!!

    Please Post then PM...thank you!
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    Pmd offer

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