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Thread: ULT/Classic Valve/Pneu?

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    ULT/Classic Valve/Pneu?

    I have read multiple times that a ULT isnt recommended for Classic valves. According to what I am reading, the recharge rate isnt high enough. Probably a stupid question, but would trying the classic/ult combo with a pneu set up work? I don't really get the recharge issue since arent classics supposed to be capable of 14-15 bps without shootdown? Or are these two seperate issues?

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    I've had a hyperframe on off in my mech for years with no problems. From what I understand its essentially the same thing.

    I've read a lot about the ult and the reason I've read the most is its the input pressure that makes the on off unreliable, it was designed for the valves that require a higher input pressure, rt, x valve etc... and since they regulate the input pressure at a higher pressure, 600+ it works well. But the classice regulates the air down in the 400 range and makes it less reliable.

    I've read a lot about people using the rt quad ring on off to lighten up the trigger pull.

    I've been looking at other options myself because the pin is so slim on my setup that the bottom is starting to mushroom out and I can barely get the pin out of the on off assembly.

    Hope this at least helps a little?

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