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    mag playing story

    so i went out sat and played at my local field Paintball Charleston.I ended up playing the majority of the day with my pump mag which normally i leave at home and had a blast. played a field we call the village ended up swinging around to where the team started and shot about 25( nonexagerated number) people with my pumpmag as well as surrendering 3 people in a tower. The next game i took off running made it about half way down the field and start looking for some people. I looked to my right and saw this rope of paint it was absolutely glorious. turned around to see who was shooting it and it was my buddy kyle who hadn't played in awhile and managed to make it to the field with out any gear and was shooting my egomag. man that sucker was flying. think he ended up shooting a hopper and 3 pods which was way over kill for the type of game we were playing but i think it was because he just liked seeing the ropes. sure did have a few people ask me what we were shooting after that game.

    after all that i really just wanted to post a pic of the egomag

    has a critical trigger now

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