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Thread: Part-Out: Pneumag RT Pro- CHEAP

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    Part-Out: Pneumag RT Pro- CHEAP


    I just got a very unexpected second chance on something I want more than this. As a result, I need this puppy gone. I take paypal, shipping isn't included. Here's what I have up for sale:

    Mag Dissection:
    RT Pro Valve, with level X, extra parts kit, and Level 7 bolt: $120
    RT Pro Body: $35
    Dye Barrel with wear on the tip: $15
    Pneuframe with Drop/Rock/grips/Dye ASA/Sear, needs rod/trigger/trigger pin/10/32 nipple: $120
    RT Rail/Sight Rail/Foregrip/Mount: $35

    45/45 GA Tank Cover $7

    Hammerhead Barrel: $20

    Shocktech Drop: $10

    PM if you're interested!

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    I know what you're thinking, "I kinda want that pneuframe, but I'm a bit cheap. I wonder if he would take X?" And maybe I wouldn't...but maybe I would.

    OBO across the board!!
    The valve and associated valve parts are heading out the door.

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    Getting back to the PM's now, was out of town this past weekend. Will update shortly.

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