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    2K9 Detents

    Hey everyone looking for some detents for me 2K9 Micromag that I just got.
    I live in Canada so if anyone can please help that would be nice.

    Thank you

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    I believe they are cocker threaded. Or we're you looking for some second hand specifically?

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    yes cocker thread detents.
    I sell new 800 mah Emag batteries, pm for pricing.
    oh yeah and I 3D print stuf, CAD, Machine, all that crap.

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    No just water to know what kind they are. It's chopping a lot of balls.
    I just got it today and hope this will help?

    I have an orignal micromag from early 1990's and that never gives my any problems!!
    Ill try and find some now thank you for the help.
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    As with any mag with thread in detents make sure they aren't screwed in too far... Causes tons of headaches!

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