Correct me if I'm wrong:
-In RT pnuemag operation the ram is returned by the sear
-The "Returned" air is vented out of the untapped exhaust on the MSV-2

So presuming that is correct my question is; can the return air be harnessed to return the trigger? Right now that air is just vented into the grip frame. If you tapped the exhaust and ran an airline to the back of the trigger. Perhaps to a cup fitting that would catch the trigger stop. This is hard to explain so I attached an image.

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Since the trigger pull with an MSV-2 is between 1-2 oz. and the RT sear requires 3lbs to throw... then returns the trigger with "more force"...
Well anyway. In my mental model there is more than enough force in the exhaust gas to return the trigger @ or greater than 2 oz.

Would this work?
Where am I wrong?