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Thread: Using MSV-2 exhaust to reset trigger?

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    Using MSV-2 exhaust to reset trigger?

    Correct me if I'm wrong:
    -In RT pnuemag operation the ram is returned by the sear
    -The "Returned" air is vented out of the untapped exhaust on the MSV-2

    So presuming that is correct my question is; can the return air be harnessed to return the trigger? Right now that air is just vented into the grip frame. If you tapped the exhaust and ran an airline to the back of the trigger. Perhaps to a cup fitting that would catch the trigger stop. This is hard to explain so I attached an image.

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    Since the trigger pull with an MSV-2 is between 1-2 oz. and the RT sear requires 3lbs to throw... then returns the trigger with "more force"...
    Well anyway. In my mental model there is more than enough force in the exhaust gas to return the trigger @ or greater than 2 oz.

    Would this work?
    Where am I wrong?

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    I've been actually thinking of manking a hybrid Pnueframe with the RT mechanical action still in effect

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    It seems like a cool idea! I would probably try putting the fitting for the trigger return closer to the top of the trigger than in your diagram, that way the trigger won't have as much distance to travel and the return would have a greater effect, if you get what I'm saying?

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    Keep this in mind,....

    You may be reducing the effectiveness of the current function you get from your MSV-2 by adding an air line or anything else to the exhaust vent.

    You basically are adding resistance the MSV-2 has to take on internally while trying to operate another piece off the exhaust gases.

    I do believe a similar idea (involving the MSV-2) using a QEV was discussed (about 3 years ago) with the exhaust port.

    If you try this out and dont get the results you were looking for,... this may be an issue you could solve to get what effect you want.

    Edit: One other thing I see in your diagram that is a concern. That "cup" fitting will DEFINITELY restrict the exhaust gas from venting properly.
    What exactly did you plan on using for the "cup"? Would it have some kind of pressure release point similar to a QEV?

    The LAST thing you want is blow back into the MSV-2....................
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