....... You thought it would be all political didn't you.......

Ever since I sold my business, and in a no compete contract clause in which maybe null and voided soon (Another story for maybe future "rant"), I found a J.O.B. which is well just that a JOB now bennies. I work for a lumber yard/home improvement center/super box store if you'd label it somewhere along those lines.

But is humor all but dead in this industry, beside the funny TV commericals. As a recieving member of this store, its my responsablity to pick up broke down cardboard and wasted shrink wrap through out the store for collection and recycle, a very simple task. Behold I found a cutout of the "Jack Links" Sqauch, so I proceeded to tape it to back of a the seat of one of the diesel forklift's, so when the yard guys ran around on their "Scooty Puff's" from behind the sqauch was looking at you. Guest where almost falling over laughing at it, any team member that saw the lift screaming past laughed, even the store management got a kick out of it. Don't worry Squach is the Auto Pilot.

A few days later, General Office came down, and I'm sorry Squach please to toss me into a tree but we were order to destroy the cut out. I can officially say I smashed Bigfoot's face with the help of a compactor. But honestly its all in good fun, and nobody complained. Are they worried their employee robots will learn or have fun on the job?

Oh well, I've got a eye on the next cutout, this one is coming home to have fun with the fiance.