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    OG Eclipse Splash

    Hello all,

    So this is going to be my first project gun. I really enjoy old school guns especially with splash anno so I've been hunting for one for a while yet could never find anything I really liked that was in my price range.

    So I found this on ebay and managed to pick it up for $160. Seemed like a pretty good deal considering a similar mag without the splash parts will sell for $100-$120 and it even came with a Revy!

    Mags are pretty simple so I figured it would be good first project gun.

    I plan on adding a Xvalve and ULE body so I can use all the cocker barrels I already have.

    What I really want to do though is come up with some sort of gas through grip design. I hate the super annoy, clumsy way most people run air to their valve. IDK why, I just find it really annoying and uncomfortable to have a gas line running across my hand and up the back of the marker.

    I have seen a few gas through grip mags around, but does anyone know of a how to guide or attempted a similar mod and can offer me some advice.

    Thanks for looking.

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    talk to either Flatliner333 or kwik175...both of them have made some Sa WeeT Mags w/gas thru the grip frame and way Kool to talk to!!! hope that helps ya big Dawg! nice looking mag!!!

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    Flatliner and kwik both have some sexay gas-thru mags. You will most likely have to get something besides the intelli though. Not enough room.

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    Just ordered a black Emag body and an XValve. I'll post updated pics when they arrive and I get everything put together.

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    So this is where I'm currently at:

    Uploaded with

    I've added an xvalve, a black emag body, and any old school plastic frame with eclipse pops on/off. The macroline setup doesn't seem to bother me as much as I though it would. I haven't played with it yet, but its relatively comfy.

    I still need to get some good twist lock barrels or perhaps doc's cocker thread adapter so I can use all my cocker barrels on it.

    However, now I have two issues.

    First the sight rail still doesn't seem to want to go on the body. I am afraid to force it on because I don't want to scratch the body up. I tried to use electrical tape, but that didn't work.

    Second, the gun doesn't fire. I think the cause is that the sear pin doesn't go back far enough when the trigger is pulled to release the bolt. However, I am not sure about this because I only have limited knowledge of mags. Anyone have any ideas on this?

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