Hello all,

So this is going to be my first project gun. I really enjoy old school guns especially with splash anno so I've been hunting for one for a while yet could never find anything I really liked that was in my price range.

So I found this on ebay and managed to pick it up for $160. Seemed like a pretty good deal considering a similar mag without the splash parts will sell for $100-$120 and it even came with a Revy!

Mags are pretty simple so I figured it would be good first project gun.

I plan on adding a Xvalve and ULE body so I can use all the cocker barrels I already have.

What I really want to do though is come up with some sort of gas through grip design. I hate the super annoy, clumsy way most people run air to their valve. IDK why, I just find it really annoying and uncomfortable to have a gas line running across my hand and up the back of the marker.

I have seen a few gas through grip mags around, but does anyone know of a how to guide or attempted a similar mod and can offer me some advice.

Thanks for looking.