so me a some friends went out playing this week end and a couple guys had a couple cameras mounted on their gear(one on their mask and the other on their barrels)...something i see every once in a while so we went on with our games, we ended up talking to the guys and they invited us over to check out some of their stuff in their set up area, they hand us their mask and say 'look in the bottom right'...they had hud's mounted in their mask! something i've never seen...i guess they could set up the display to watch any of the cameras, keep game timers, communicate with each other(with out screaming across the field), and a bunch of other apps...anyways, it got me wanting a camera to record some games; im looking to get something under $200...the only ones i know of are the contour and go pro's, anyone have experiences with different cameras? which are most durable, best quality for the money...thanks
if anyone wants to check their project out