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    Misc. AGD Parts


    <IMG SRC="">

    A - RT pro stock barrel. black. $25 shipped SOLD to BUNNY
    B - RT pro sight rail. Will come with the 6 allen screws. <DEL>$12 shipped</DEL> $10 SHIPPED!
    C - Stainless Steel centerfeed high stack neck. Black. <del>$60 shipped.</del> $50 SHIPPED! SOLD to DIRGE
    D - Mini Mag right power feed body. Nickel. <del>$50 shipped</del> $40 SHIPPED! SOLD to EIGHTY8
    E - RT pro front grip with rail. Black. Will come with the 6 allen screws. $25 shipped SOLD to FIFTHMAG
    F - RT pro rail w/ sear and twist lock. Milled to accept mini mag bodies and partially milled the inside out for weight. Black. $45 shipped SOLD to BTAutoMag
    G - Mini mag barrel. Aluminium <DEL>$20 shipped</DEL> $15 SHIPPED! SOLD to CHRONOBREAK
    H - Intelliframe with Dye sticky grips (**EDIT: Sorry, thought I still had it wired for intellifeed, but its been removed**). Black. <DEL>$85 shipped</DEL> $75 SHIPPED SOLD to warchild69
    I - Clear warp feed. Took it apart so that I could wire it up to my inteliframe. Its all in pieces right now but should work when put back together. Sold as is. $35 shipped. SOLD to KEIKO_819

    <IMG SRC="">

    Here is a picture of what I milled out of the RT Pro rail. As you can see, I squared out the hole where the rail bolt goes so that this can fit minimag bodies. Also started to try to ULE the whole thing, but gave up half way to go play paintball instead =)

    Total for all of this is $345 shipped, but I am really trying to motivate someone to take all of this off my hands. Lets say $275 shipped....seems more than fair price for all of this stuff.
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