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Thread: testing waters on some pumps FS/T

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    testing waters on some pumps FS/T

    So I am trying to see what I can get for trades on these pumps as well as some other stuff which can be found in my other sales. I will also consider cash offers or a combo of both. I can do 2 4 1 or add cash.

    Few things to note

    have a offer/trade? might as well try it
    I ship from canada but have a USA address as well
    post then pm me
    pay pal or emt only
    I am flexible ... so offer

    1) GONE

    eye candy ...

    2) Shocktech pump in a black to green fade. There are some scratches and ano fade near the beaver tail mount and at the bottom of the grip frame as well as by the detent. has a ccm EZ pump kit, matching CP reg as well as the matching forntblock (empty). The barrel is not included unless we work something out. Cash price is 300.

    eye candy...

    what I am currently looking for (trades or maybe buy):

    ULE rail (any kind in gloss black or red)
    carbon fibre mag fore grip in red or black
    gloss black or red on off asa
    red x valve
    rpg chimera frame
    proflex lenses
    deadly winds fiber
    karnivor body
    86 slider
    black on off asa
    ccm marker (s6.5,T2,s6,j2l...)
    unique automags
    evil ehm
    lever action brass
    double barrel brass
    anything else unique and cool
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