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Thread: Classic Minimag will not Fire! Howcome??

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    Classic Minimag will not Fire! Howcome??

    Classic air valve with level 7 and all new o-rings. There are no leaks. The gun airs up, pushs the sear out, ill press the trigger and nothing. Ill also hold the trigger and nothing. Ill let go of the trigger, the sear pops the trigger out again as if its ready to fire. Ill press the trigger and nothing. Ive also adjusted the psi on the classic valve and still nothing. My air tank is a ninja 48/3000 psi with all shims in the ninja reg. Tank has about 2000psi left. Any idea's?

    -Thanks mates.

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    When aired up the tirgger rod should sit about a credit cards width from the back of the trigger If it airs up and it is resting on the back of the trigger, its too far forward. If its adjusted correctly, check the field strip screw to make sure its finger tight. Too tight or loose and it can cause issues.

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    Are the on-off top orings installed above the on-off top? Sometimes these mistakenly get installed between the top and the bottom assembly.

    As mentioned, check the trigger rod spacing to make sure the sear can actually rotate fully forward. Make sure the velocity adjuster is screwed in far enough.
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